We are sorry to notify you that the following ex-Highlands Old Girls or staff have died; where known, the year of their death is also shown.  They have been mentioned in our newsletters in the past.  Please let the Secretary know of any others you know about, so that they can be included in a future newsletters.

Old Girls

Susan Milburn (2019) Livingstone House, 1956-61

Dolly Watts (2019) Portal House, 1962-65

Tricia Mathews (2017) Stanley House, Selous House. 1954-58

Sarah Miller Logan (2017)  Selous House 1958-61

Marjorie Boughton (March 2016)  History teacher 1960s

Janet Seager (2016). Portal 1961-65

Chris Martin (2016)  Selous House.  1957-61

Mireille Millidachi (2016)   Livingstone 1955-59

Frances Featherstone (2016)   Gordon House 1960-63

Elizabeth Sadler ( 2016 )  Gordon House 1956-59

Eirene Charles (Dec 2015)  Maths teacher 1960s

Sue England (2015)  1954-1960

Sue Shields (2014)

Anne Jervis  (2013)

Mary Mitchell  (2013)

Erica West (2011)

Pauline O’Gorman (2012)

Cherryl Ulyate (2010)

Eleanor Ulyate (2008)

Jessie Barbour (2007)

Rosemary Ray (2007)

Mary Leech (2007)

Jane Camps (2004)

Rita Massaro (2003)

Marguerite (“Topsy”) Parsons (2002)

Juliet Davis (2002)

Cleone Keese (2001)




Tom Macpherson (2016) Biology teacher

Marjorie Boughton (2016)   History teacher 1956-67

Eirene Charles (2015)  Maths teacher

Glen, Ella  (2013)

Reynolds, Judy (2010)

Davena Chalmers

Biddle, Mary  (2006)
We are very sad to report that Mary Estelle Biddle MBE, aged 95, died on 20 September 2006.
Having been Deputy Head at the Kenya High School, Miss Biddle became our first Headmistress from the very beginning, in 1954 in Nairobi, when there were about 80 pupils and we were known as ‘The New Girls’ Secondary School’.  She oversaw the move to Eldoret during the 1955 Christmas holidays, in time for us to move into our ‘new’ school at the beginning of 1956.
She was an excellent Maths teacher and taught most of us in the first few years.  I was privileged to have ‘one-to-one’ lessons with her when I was the only pupil doing Maths in the first 6th form.  The lessons were in her office and I was banished to stand in the corridor every time the phone rang!
When she returned to UK in 1966, she lived in Rye in a house that had belonged to her parents, and taught at a school in Ashford for several years.  After she retired, she was very interested in the activities of our Association, but by then was profoundly deaf and didn’t feel able to attend the Reunions.  Even after about 30 years, she still remembered a surprising number of people from her 12 years at Highlands.
In 2005, she moved into a nursing home in Hastings.  Her death was announced in The Times and The Daily Telegraph on 25th September 2006.
(Contributed by Sue England)

Barnes, Vaudine (2006)
We are also sad to inform you that Vaudine Barnes has died, in November 2006, aged 78. She followed Miss Biddle as Headmistress, from 1966 to 1968. She was living in New Zealand. A memorial service was held for her at the Kenya High School in December. 

Witts, Diana   (2006)
14 May 1936 – 19 March 2006
Diana taught at the Highlands School for two years before going on to the Alliance Girls’ School in Kikuyu.  On her return to UK she was a senior mistress at Gordonstoun and was responsible for implementing the change to co-education.  Later her work with the Church Mission Society led her to many parts of Africa.  In 1996 she was appointed CMS general secretary; she was the second lay person and the first woman to lead the Society.
Soon after her retirement she was found to have cancer. But she came to an acceptance within herself, enabling her to write and publish her autobiography, Springs of Hope. She approached her death by living life as fully as the cancer allowed.